I am Abhijit, a product designer from India.

I’m currently handling Product Design at Mattermost, crafting experiences for a cluster of tools to solve collaboration challenges for developers and power mission-critical activities. Previously, I've worked with startups like SigTuple and Vacation Labs, and also some incredible design & development agencies like Grappus, The Minimalist, Ittisa, and Knubisoft, collaborating on and leading several web and mobile design projects.

Having been fascinated by software like Photoshop and Corel Draw since 8th grade, I’ve now been designing interfaces for 7+ years, with a professional experience of 4+ years. My background in Computer Science Engineering has allowed me to have a more in-depth technical understanding of how products are built and allowed me to look at things from the developers’ perspective.

Abhijit has a level head on very young shoulders. I wouldn’t be surprised if people mistake him to be professionally far more experienced than what the number of years on his resume indicates.

I truly believe that he will prove to be an asset on any team.

Saurabh Nanda

Founder & CEO, Vacation Labs

Abhijit’s enthusiasm of running through multiple iterations and the maturity of thought process is really commendable!

Apurv Anand

Co-Founder & COO, SigTuple

Mountains, Sports & Poetry


In my free time, you’ll find me clicking photographs or climbing a mountain. I’m an avid trekker and have witnessed the majesty of some beautiful Himalayan peaks over the past few years, some of which you may spot in my photographs. In my previous lives, I used to play professional table-tennis, and also write a bit of poetry, some in English, and some in a combination of Hindi & Urdu.


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I’m always looking for exciting projects and opportunities to get involved, especially if they make life easier for people, work towards racial, religious and gender equality, or help combat fake news. If you think I can help or contribute in any way, feel free to reach out.

Thanks for stopping by!